Dr orwell and mr blair
The poems - keats
Keepers of the earth: native american stories
The house of splendid isolation
Snoopy man s best friend
Deux gredins (fj)
Dada almanach
Garfield reluctant remeo
Fetes galantes. romances sans paroles. la bonne chanson
The duchess s dragonfly
The secret agent
Tales from the black museum (cassette)
William blake selection (cassette)
Five go adventuring again (cassette)
The sonnets and narrative poems
Mercy of a rude stream vol.1
The mountain of immoderate desires
The buccaneers (cassette)
La clef des mesonges
Poems - shelley
Garfield in tune
The best of noel coward (cassette)
Heart of darkness
Looking-glass letters
Coleridge - illustrated poets
Wild wheels
The trustees
Scenes from the birds - aristophanes
Fishing the sloe-black river
Five fall into adventure/five have plenty of fun (cassette)
Alice s adventures under groung
The shakespeare collection (cd)
Virginia woolf. an illustrated anthology
Christina rossetti. the illustrated poets
The world within. the brontes at haworth
Joycechoyce. the poems in verse & prose of james joyce
A childrens garden of delights
Five go to billycock hill-five get into a fix (cassette)
Oscar wilde. an illustrated anthology
La travesia secreta
Love is no laughing matter
Charles dickens collection (cassette)